How To Choose Right Shoes

How To Choose Right Shoes

How To Choose Right Shoes

When buying shoes, don't just think about fashion

Too tight shoes can cause abnormal blood circulation, ingrown nails or bent fingers. We usually buy shoes based only on their appearance. What matters to us is how the shoes look. However, we should choose footwear carefully because our health depends on the footwear we wear.

Foot pain

According to the New York Times, about 75% of respondents will have to deal with foot pain at some point in their lives. Feet are under great stress all day.

Low quality or totally inappropriate shoes can cause annoying troubles such as calluses. Moreover, they can cause more serious problems such as vein, joint, muscle and even spine diseases. Therefore, before buying shoes, make sure that the shoes are the correct length and width.

How To Choose Right Shoes

Don't buy shoes in the morning

Legs usually swell slightly at night, and shoes bought in the morning may look tight. Make sure your shoes are the right size: snugly against your feet but not squeezed. Too tight shoes can cause abnormal blood circulation, ingrown nails or bent fingers. Shoes with loose feet are not recommended as they will constantly strain the leg muscles.

Experts recommend trying two pairs of shoes when trying on. Stand on the shoe and gently press on the top of the shoe to ensure there is approximately half an inch of space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. This gives you plenty of room for your feet and allows you to press forward while walking. Swing your toes to ensure there is enough space. Wear shoes to determine how they feel.

Elasticity and softness

Choose an insole with sufficient elasticity and softness. The inner sole of a good-quality shoe bends easily, while the top of the shoe does not deform too much. The best choice for everyday wear is a smaller wide heel.

How To Choose Right Shoes

Natural materials

When choosing a pair of shoes, the material of the shoes also plays a huge role. Shoes made of natural materials can breathe foot skin in any season. We recommend that you use shoes made of grained leather, nubuck and suede. Shoes made from artificial leather can be harmful to health, especially summer shoes.


Temperature fluctuations can cause the chemical composition of the material to interact with the skin of the foot. In addition, faux leather shoes are impermeable. As a result, you may have diaper rash or fungal disease. If you still buy shoes from man-made materials, make sure that at least the lining is made of grained leather or textiles. Also pay attention to the material of the insole. Ideally, it should absorb bad smells, remove moisture and kill bacteria.

Different shoes are suitable for different activities. Understanding your lifestyle and choosing the right shoes for you is important.