Classic Shoes Color

Classic Shoes Color

There is no complete and absolute list of menswear regulations.

Classic Shoes Color

Some rules suggest that men should match the metal on the slippers with the belt buckle, the metal on the suspenders and the buttons on the blazer and metal on the cufflinks. Then there are some exceptions, such as the rule that men's socks should match the color of the pants. Style rules are written in pencil instead of ink. Everyone should play and find their own style, these styles will show some personality.

Modern menswear

We can use more colors in everyday wardrobes. There are shades of green, red, blue, etc. in any footwear manufacturer's product line. However, the most common colors for men's shoes are black or brown.

In rare cases, you cannot choose between black and brown shoes. First, these are official events. It's a good idea to hardly wear brown clothes here. Also, strict dress rules at work do not allow brown shoes.

Classic Shoes Color

But if you've ever heard the expression "no browns in the town," forget it. Brown shoes are beautiful (black clothes are more beautiful) and casual. When you decide to wear black or brown shoes, consider the following rules. But again, "rules are broken."

Avoid mismatches

One of the most important rules is to avoid putting brown and black together when matching suits and shoes, especially black suits and brown shoes. Brown shoes (brown oxford shoes are a good choice), look good with a navy blue suit. The brown shade can be all colors from dark chocolate to light tan and can make your shoes versatile. Brown shoes with earthy suits, especially navy, gray and blue, look great.

Classic Shoes Color

More stylish and classic

Black shoes are not as versatile as brown shoes, but they are more stylish and classic. They can be paired with more urban or sporty colors. For more formal events, charcoal and black suits look neat with black shoes. If your clothes are not black, make sure you wear a black watch and black belt and black shoes.


As for jeans and their combination with shoes, brown is more preferred here. Even with black jeans, brown shoes look great. Just try to darken the shadows. Even if you're wearing a black jacket, blue jeans go perfectly with any shade of brown shoes.

As always, style is a mentality. Discover your style through innovation.