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Founded in the 1960s, vgdis is a large international shoe company

Founded in the 1960s, vgdis is a large international shoe company that integrates research and development, production and sales of men's shoes, women's shoes and leather goods.

The vgdis brand has set up more than 60 directly-operated stores and more than 600 franchised stores, and established branches and construction agencies in multiple provinces; the company currently has more than 1,000 employees, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Central and South Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Countries and regions.

With the accumulation and accumulation of decades of retail experience and the successful management model of more than 60 directly-operated stores, the company team has helped agents and franchisees achieve the strategic goal of opening a store to win a store.

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To sum up, there are 8 major supports that cover all aspects of your shop opening as follows:

Strong brand resources, rich management experience, and excellent reputation established in the footwear retail industry, instantly enhance the advertising effectiveness and appeal of the store. Investors also enjoy unified advertising at the headquarters.

Vgdis Shoe headquarters will authorize investors to use a unified brand name and enterprise VI visual identification system to unify the brand terminal image. Effectively enhance the brand market influence, grow rapidly and achieve rapid value-added.

Decades of advanced retail experience, mature and perfect service management model. From store location, evaluation, decoration design, to market research, from advertising promotion strategies, to the headquarters to provide complete formatting solutions and expert advice.

The headquarters will provide all-round training and guidance to the managers and employees of the investors. When opening, the headquarters will send trainers to the store to guide the training. This will enable investors to grow into industry masters in the short term.

Vgdis Shoe has formed a virtuous circle of corporate ecosystem. Under the unified management of the headquarters, they jointly build a brand and fully occupy the market, forming a scale effect. Accurately teach years of retail management experience.

The headquarters has established an "information superhighway" which has taken shape. Investors can use the network platform to place orders directly on the Internet or fax and place orders directly, which shortens the purchase cycle and realizes smooth and fast logistics.

Vgdis Shoe adjusts the variety and quantity in and out in time, so that the supply of goods is reasonably allocated and the risk of inventory is reduced. Follow the whole process of flexible return and exchange mechanism, expert-level operation supervision, nanny-style service, let investors worry-free operation.

The operation center composed of powerful professionals will help you understand the market and solve specific problems in the operation.

Partnership Opportunity

Partnership Opportunity

Join us for full brand support and zero initial fee!